Advanced TESOL: Teaching Accent Modification

This six-session course focuses on how to teach non-native English speakers to modify their accents in order to be more effective and comfortable in social and professional ventures. 


  • Format: Classroom / Online

    Hours: 30 hours / 3.0 CEUs

    Where: UGA's Gwinnett Campus

    When: TBA

    Cost: TBA


The course is designed for ESL teachers, EFL teachers, and those who want to concentrate on the field of accent reduction. The course is taught by instructors of the Global TESOL Certificate Program and consists of 30 hours of instruction, including six hours of online work.

You will learn:

  • How to teach the specific patterns of American English
  • How to create exercises for your students to gain increased skills in intonation, pitch, stress, and rhythm for a more natural speech pattern
  • How to use the IPA for teaching pronunciation
  • How to teach appreciation for dialectical and colloquial flavor

Course Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of the course the participant will be able to:

  1. Better understand challenges of first language overlay in second language pronunciation
  2. Use linguistic information related to the sound system of North American English to teach accent reduction exercises
  3. Teach appreciation for the variety and flavors of accents and dialects
  4. Teach listening skills for distinguishing sounds
  5. Teach exercises that polish presentation techniques
  6. Teach exercises that increase conversation lucidity 

Who Should Attend?

  • ESL and EFL Teachers
  • Graduates of the Global TESOL Certificate program
  • Instructors who want to concentrate on the field of accent reduction 

Course Information

Course Date Info: 


Course Format:
Classroom 75%
Online 25%

University of Georgia Gwinnett Campus
2530 Sever Rd NW, Lawrenceville, GA 30043
United States
Course Fee(s): 


Continuing Education Information: 

30 hours, 3.0 CEU's

Visit the University of Georgia CEU policies for more details.

Marcel Daniels, MS Applied Linguistics/ESL
Born in Montreal Canada and growing up in a multicultural neighborhood outside of Toronto, Marcel Daniels was surrounded by various languages and dialects since an early age. His appreciation for language further expanded as he attended French immersion schooling from kindergarten through middle school. He earned his bachelor's degree in Speech Communication/French at Georgia State University while simultaneously working as an on-air personality, program director, and trainer of new broadcasters for an Atlanta radio station. South Korea was the location of his first teaching experience before returning to GSU to earn his master's in Applied Linguistics/ESL. He has been teaching at Georgia State's Intensive English Program since 2011 and has taught summer courses at Tsinghua University in Beijing China. In Marcel also conducts regular teacher training workshops at the Latin American Association and has presented at conferences and lectured at schools both domestically and internationally.

Curriculum Advisor: Sarah Anne Shope, M.S. Education-TESOL, Ph.D. Education

This course is recommended for students who have already completed the Global TESOL certificate program (or a similar series of courses), or who have previous experience teaching English to speakers of other languages.