About Us


Founded in 1995 by a consortium of industry leaders, the Marketing Research Institute International (MRII) is a not-for-profit organization with the mission of fulfilling the essential educational needs of people worldwide in the market research profession. In partnership with the University of Georgia, MRII is the driving force behind Principles of Market Research, Principles of Pharmaceutical Market Research, and the Principles of Mobile Market Research, the premier online certificate program in the industry.

Vision: Fulfilling continuing education needs of the market research profession worldwide
Mission: To create, maintain and promote the most used essential continuing education programs for the market research profession

A History of Service to the Industry

The Marketing Research Institute International (MRII) is a non-profit institute devoted to fulfilling the core educational needs of people worldwide in the market research profession.

In 1994, the Marketing Research Association (MRA) Board of Directors appointed a task force to determine the feasibility of creating a separate non-profit organization to create educational and training materials for the marketing and opinion research industry. This was fueled by a desire to create an independent study program based on the Marketing Research Core Body of Knowledge (MRCBOK©) developed by William Neal of SDR Consulting, Inc. and Dr. Malcom McNiven of the University of Georgia. Approval was given and funds allocation in 1995 to establish the Marketing Research Association.

A Board of Directors of industry representatives was formed to oversee the development of the Principles of Market Research (PoMR) in conjunction with the University of Georgia. The Marketing Research Association Institute was incorporated in June 1996 and was granted non-profit status as an education institute by the IRS. In 1998, the Marketing Research Association Institute, Marketing Research Association and the University of Georgia entered into an alliance with the European Society of Opinion and Marketing Research (ESOMAR) for the purpose of marketing the Principles of Market Research course worldwide. In July 1999, the organization formally changed its name to Marketing Research Institute International (MRII). This was done to eliminate confusion about the institute’s affiliation with any other industry organization, build broad-based industry support and demonstrate the global nature of its programs.

Purpose of MRII

The Marketing Research Institute International (MRII) was incorporated to:

  • Serve as a source of education
  • Receive and administer funds for support of the market research industry in the development of market and opinion research training material
  • Support the training of those interested in entering, or those currently engaged in, market and opinion research
  • Work with those in the educational field in developing programs for the specific purposes of furthering educational opportunities of those in the market and opinion research business.

MRII Board of Directors

Barry G. Watson

Mr. Barry G. Watson, Ph.D.


Wayne R. McCullough

Mr. Wayne R. McCullough, Ph.D.


Michael Halberstam

Mr. Michael Halberstam


Charlotte Sibley

Ms. Charlotte E. Sibley

Immediate Past President

Sibley Associates (USA)
William Crowe

Mr. William (Bill) Crowe, Ph.D.

Ex Officio Director

David Almy

Mr. David Almy

Ex Officio Director

Ms. Carol Arnold

Ms. Carol Arnold

Ex Officio Director

Reg Baker

Mr. Reg Baker, Ph.D.

Executive Director

Pamela Bracken

Ms. Pamela Bracken


Diane Bowers

Ms. Diane Bowers

Ex Officio Director


Ms. Gunilla Broadbent


GB Global Positioning (USA)
 Chuck Chakrapani

Mr. Chuck Chakrapani, Ph.D.


Lisa Courtade

Ms. Lisa Courtade


Melanie Courtright

Ms. Melanie Courtright


Charles Dodson

Charles (Chuck) Dodson

Ex Officio Subject Matter Director

Michelle Elster

Ms. Michelle Elster


Lisa Fox

Ms. Lisa Fox


Carol Galvin

Ms. Carol Galvin


Roger Green

Mr. Roger Green


Jon Last

Mr. Jon Last


John Lewington

Mr. John Lewington, Ph.D.

Immediate Past President

Rual Lopez

Mr. Raul Lopez


Geoscape (USA)
Ms. Jacqueline Lorch

Ms. Jacqueline Lorch


Charlotte Mason

Ms. Charlotte Mason, Ph.D.

Ex Officio Director

 Michael Mermelstein

Mr. Michael Mermelstein


 Kara Mitchelmore

Ms. Kara Mitchelmore

Ex Officio Director

Sherri Neuwirth

Ms. Sherri Neuwirth


Neuwirth Consulting LLC (USA)
Finn Raben

Mr. Finn Raben

Ex Officio

ESOMAR-World Research (The Netherlands)
Ken Roberts

Mr. Ken Roberts

Ex Officio

Cathy Scott

Ms. Cathy L. Scott


Beth Shriver

Ms. Beth Shriver


Paul Snyderman

Mr. Paul Snyderman, Ph.D.


Edward (Ed) Sugar

Mr. Edward (Ed) Sugar


Mary Wang

Ms. Mary Wang

Ex Officio Subject Matter Director

Jeffrey Welch

Mr. Jeffrey Welch


Bart Weiner

Mr. Bart Weiner

Ex Officio Subject Matter Director

BW Consulting (USA)
Julie Williams

Ms. Julie Williams

Ex Officio Subject Matter Director

Emeritus Directors
Mr. Howard Gershowitz, Mktg., Inc. (USA)
Mr. John Kelly, Ceallaigh Associates (United Kingdom)
Mr. Bob Leiter, Ph.D., University of Georgia, Retired (USA)
Mr. Ron Kornokovich, OPINIONation, Retired (USA)
Mr. Mal McNiven, Ph.D., University of Georgia, Retired (USA)
Mr. Bill Neal, SDR, Inc., Retired (USA)
Ms. Betsy J. Peterson, Marketing Research Association, Retired (USA)

Past Presidents
1996-1997: Ms. Linda Tessar, Walker Research, Retired
1997-1998: Mr. Howard Gershowitz, Mktg., Inc. (USA)
1998-1999: Mr. Ron Kornokovich, OPINIONation, Retired
1999-2000: Mr. Bill Neal, SDR, Inc., Retired
2000-2001: Mr. Don Marek, AT&T, Retired
2001-2002: Mr. Joe Ottavani, Bellomy Research
2002-2004: Mr. Al Paison, The Customer Loyalty Research Center
2005: Mr. Terry Grapentine, Grapentine Co., LLC
2006: Ms. Susan Adelman, Survey Service, Inc.
2007: Mr. John Kelly, Ceallaigh Associates
2008: Ms. Julie Williams, Maritz Research, Inc.
2009: Mr. David Ashley, Department of Homeland Security
2010: Mr. Pat Crane, Eastman Kodak Company, Retired
2011: Mr. Charles "Chuck" Dodson, WILD Flavors, Inc.
2012: Mr. John Lewington, Ph.D., Maryville University
2013: Ms. Charlotte E. Sibley, Sibley Associates