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Is MR Education Still Relevant?

January 26, 2015

The market research industry needs strong continuing education more today than ever. MRII Executive Director Reg Baker offers some thoughts on why.

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Why You Should Integrate Market Research and Big Data Analytics

December 8, 2014

Without a clear perception of customer motivations and demands, organizations cannot successfully market products or services to target audiences.

A digital footprint is left behind everywhere users go. Every cell phone interaction, website visit, social activity, search engine query and email is gathered, analyzed and saved resulting in large amounts of data collected over time that need to be processed from its raw form and translated into valuable information.

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Continuing Education is Key to Keep Up With Industry Changes

October 2, 2014

For people in knowledge-based fields like market research, continuing education and professional development used to be like broccoli: good for you in the long run. Today, ongoing learning is more urgent and more critical: less like broccoli and more like air.

Like many other industries, market research has been churning with technology-driven change: CATI; the shift from land lines to cell phones; the rapid mainstreaming of the Web; CAPI; the emergence of increasingly sophisticated analytics relating to social media; and now the rise of mobile devices as many consumers' primary tools for connecting online.

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Expand Your Skills and Advance Your Career by Taking Certificate Courses

September 3, 2014

In today's highly competitive market, companies are seeking both quantitative and qualitative marketing research to better understand their target audience's motives and behaviors. The high demand for research services has resulted in research industry growth and employment opportunities.

US News rates Market Research Analyst as the number one best business job in 2014. This is encouraging for those currently in research and those who want to enter the industry.

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MRII’s Executive Director Featured in Alert! Magazine

July 23, 2014

The Marketing Research Institute International’s executive director, Don Marek, was featured as the member spotlight in Marketing Research Association’s Alert! Magazine.

The Marketing Research Association (MRA) is an industry partner and has supported the Marketing Research Institute International (MRII) since its inception in 1995.

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Is Your Business Part of The Mobile Marketing Revolution?

July 7, 2014

Have we reached the demise of the desktop computer; are more people relying on mobile phones and tablets to access the Internet? For years, this has been a prediction among experts in the tech industry and studies now confirm it.

As connectivity has become increasingly available, marketplace and consumer behavior have drastically changed. Specifically, there has been a general trend towards mobility.

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MRII is the Recipient of MRA's Prestigious 2014 "Impact Award"

June 16, 2014

The Marketing Research Institute International (MRII) was awarded Marketing Research Association’s prestigious 2014 "Impact Award" at the Marketing Research Association’s Insight & Strategy Conference in Chicago.

Each year the Marketing Research Association (MRA) seeks an active market research individual, team, or organization that has generated a positive impact on the market research industry by demonstrating outstanding achievement and excellence.

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Market Research is a Valuable Asset to a Business

June 12, 2014

Do not miss out on opportunities to better recognize your audience and competition. Enable your business to progress with technological innovation by gaining market research skills to discover trends that will impact your business.

The marketing landscape continues to evolve into a more dynamic and faster changing array of communication channels. As the media environment transforms, largely driven by technological innovation, so is consumer behavior and brand engagement.

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