Set yourself up for exam day success with our new-and-improved Georgia Prelicense Solution. The Georgia Real Estate Prelicensing Course turns you into the most prepared person in the room on exam day. If it’s on the exam, it’s covered here.


Format: Online

Hours: 75

When: Start Anytime

This course was recently enhanced with advanced new study materials including:

  • Updated Course content that includes the most current real estate education topics and best practices.
  • “In the Courts” exercises that fully illustrate real estate regulations and penalties. Learn how to build a real estate career that is in full compliance.
  • Interactive flashcards enable practice on terms and meanings with self-check and a summary of performance.
  • Drag-and-drop activities provide you with “hand-on” practice with important terms and concepts that will be on the exam.
  • Practice Exam gets you ready for the state exam with a comprehensive self-test practice exam.
  • ADA Compliance throughout the course.

This package also includes:

  • Real Estate Exam Prep Toolkit: This unique exam prep toolkit gives you a variety of tools to help you understand and retain the knowledge needed for the National information on your real estate exam.
  • National Real Estate Exam Prep: Our powerful, state-of-the-art exam prep tool. It includes practice exams, both practice exams and timed exams. Scoring tools help you understand your wrong answers and tag them for further study.
  • The toolkit includes flashcards, topic review recordings and special study tips.
  • MathMaster, a sophisticated program that teaches you the skills you need to master real estate math.
  • Georgia Real Estate: An Introduction to the Profession (Textbook), a bonus resource that reinforces your exam prep and prepares you for your career. Note: our courses are designed to comply with state requirements without need of a textbook.

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