Summer Academy at UGA is an exciting series of specialty summer camps in Athens for middle school and high school students who want to do amazing things. Whether you dream about becoming a film director, doctor, scientist or artist, we have a summer camp just right for you!

We are currently planning the 2017 Summer Academy camps. We expect to have the list of 2017 camp offerings set and listed here by December. Check back here in December for our great slate of upcoming camps. Most of our camps will return from 2016, so see below for the types of camps we offered this past summer as you begin to plan your Summer Academy camps for 2017!

See the full list of Summer Academy camps here

Our Summer Academy at UGA programs are designed to let you live out your dreams. You can immerse yourself in any world you choose, from photography to video game design to aviation to comic book art. You’ll work with experts in the field to get practical, hands-on experience, and receive helpful advice on how to get where you want to go. And you’ll do it all while having a really great time!

To learn more about our UGA summer camp programs in Athens, please contact us at, 706-542-3537 or toll-free at 1-800-811-6640. You can also join our mailing list to receive camp updates.

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Summer Camp NameAgesSummer 2016 Dates
3D Animation - full13-17June 27-July 1
Architecture & Design
13-17June 27-July 1
Aviation: Level 1 - full12-15July 11-15
Beta Beats: Basic Music Production - full11-14June 20-24
College Preview - full13-15June 20-24
Comic Book 1: Beginning & Intermediate - full11-17June 6-10
Comic Book 2: Advanced13-17June 13-17
Creative Writing - full12-16June 20-24
Digital Film School - full11-15June 20-24
Digital Film Advanced Intensive (2 wks) - full14-17June 6-17
Engineering Academy: Exploring Electricity - full11-15July 18-22
Engineering Academy: Session A - full11-15June 20-24
Engineering Academy: Session B - full11-15July 11-15
Exploring Environmental Sciences - full11-14June 6-10
Fashion Design: Session A - full13-17July 11-15
Fashion Design: Session B - full13-17July 18-22
Fibonacci, Fractals & 4-D (math) - full11-14June 13-17
Game Design for Tabletop & RPGs11-17June 13-17
GG 1: Video Game Design, Session A - full
11-17June 13-17
GG 1: Video Game Design, Session B - full11-17July 11-15
GG 2: Video Game Prototyping (2 wks)11-17June 20-July 1
GG 3: Video Game Development
(2 wks)
13-17June 20-July 1
Georgia Junior Hackers - full11-14June 6-10
Introductory Robotics - full11-14July 18-22
Mini Medical School 1: Session A - full
11-15June 6-10
Mini Medical School 1: Session B - full
11-15June 27-July 1
Mini Medical School 1: Session C - full 11-15July 11-15
Mini Medical School 1: Session D - full11-15July 18-22
Mini Medical School 1: Session E - full11-15June 20-24
Mini Medical School 2: Beyond the Basics Session A - full
12-16June 13-17
Mini Medical School 2: Beyond the Basics Session B - full
12-16July 18-22
Mock Trial: Session A - full13-17June 6-10
Mock Trial: Session B - full13-17July 11-15
Money Dawgs - full11-14July 18-22
Photography - full13-17June 27-July 1
University Prep Program: Session A - full
16-17June 27-July 1
University Prep Program: Session B - full
16-17July 11-15
U.S. National Security: Mock Council - full13-17June 6-10