The UGA Hotel and Conference Center accommodates all sizes and styles of events

The campus hub for professional and educational meetings and special events. 200 rooms and suites, great dining options and professionals to help plan your event. Free, building-wide WiFi for guests.

The Georgia Center for Continuing Education offers classroom and online courses

It pays to keep investing in your career. Here you'll find hundreds of online and classroom courses to build your credentials for higher-paying positions.

Yep, there's life beyond video games and Facebook! UGA helps you discover new horizons — from building robots at a summer camp, to building a solid foundation for your collegiate future.

UGA Center for Continuing Education

The Georgia Center for Continuing Education
 A unit of the University of Georgia's Office of the Vice President for Public Service and Outreach, the Georgia Center for Continuing Education provides innovative lifelong learning opportunities through its continuing education programs. Learn More