Performing Payroll in QuickBooks 2013

Cut your payroll tasks down to size with QuickBooks 2013! With the help of simple instructions and hands-on activities, you'll quickly master all the steps for setting up your payroll system. You'll learn how to access IRS information, set up entries for new employees, create checks, pay liabilities, enter employee time, and track job cost data. And what about all those forms and reports you need to file, from W-2s to Federal forms 940 and 941? No problem—they'll be a cinch with the power of QuickBooks on your side. Whether you're new to QuickBooks or want to expand your skills, this course will teach you time-saving techniques that will make performing payroll a breeze. For complete course details please visit the ed2go Online Career Training website. 

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You will need Intuit's QuickBooks Pro 2013 for Windows or QuickBooks Premier 2013 for Windows. (Software must be installed and fully operational before the course begins.)

You will also need Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista, or version 7; Internet access; email; the Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox Web browser; and the Adobe Flash and PDF plug-ins (two free and simple downloads you obtain at Adobe - Downloads by clicking Get Adobe Flash Player and Get Adobe Reader).

The Macintosh, Simple-Start, and Online versions of QuickBooks are not supported in this course. Also, please be aware that this course covers only United States payroll procedures. Canadian (or other countries') payroll procedures are not supported in this course. 

The University of Georgia Center for Continuing Education is pleased to offer this course in partnership with Education To Go. To register, please visit the ed2go Online web site.