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Are there any prerequisites for enrolling in Intermediate Governmental Accounting course?

The final is a timed exam. You will have up to 75 minutes to complete the online assessment for Intermediate. You must complete the assessment in one session. Therefore, you must allow for adequate uninterrupted time. The online final assessment consists of 50 objective, randomly generated questions. Each question in the final assessment will be presented to you one at a time. The questions may be answered in the order given or questions may be skipped and revisited later during your exam time. You must earn 70% or greater on the assessment to successfully complete this course. If you do not earn a 70% or greater on the final assessment in your first attempt, one retest is available online. The retest is randomly selected and will not necessarily duplicate the same questions as the original assessment (first attempt). Once the assessment has been submitted for grading, you will learn your results immediately. If you do not successfully pass the second attempt, you must re-register for the online course.


Can my company enroll multiple employees? Do you offer group discounts?

Yes! Your government can enroll multiple employees. However, at this time no group discounts are offered.


Why should I complete the 3-part course series?

Introductory Governmental Accounting, Part I, Part II and Intermediate Governmental Accounting meet the requirements for Georgia governmental employees (state and local) for the Financial Management Certificate/ Certification Programs. In addition, these courses are recognized by many state organizations and local governments as a position requirement.


What do I receive when I complete Intermediate Governmental Accounting?

Successful graduates of Intermediate Governmental Accounting will receive 1.8 continuing education units (CEUs) and 22 CPEs. To meet CPE documentation requirements, University of Georgia CEU transcripts are available at any time upon written request. In addition, upon successful completion of all three courses (i.e., Introductory Governmental Accounting, Part I, Part II and Intermediate Governmental Accounting) a Certificate of Program Completion from the University of Georgia is awarded


How long does it take to complete the course?

Three months is allowed from the time that you register for the course. A one-month (30 days) extension can be granted for a nominal fee ($50 US). Upon receipt of your extension request payment, 30 days will be added to your original course expiration date.


How much time will I need to devote to study?

Former students have reported studying about 18 hours in the course.


Can I move about the course and study the lessons in any order or must I follow the lessons in numerical order?

You must begin with lesson 1 and progress through each lesson as presented. Your successful completion of the exercises at the conclusion of each lesson will allow you to progress (and access the online assessment tools) to the next lesson. Once you have successfully completed all of the lessons, you will have access to the mid-term and final online course assessments.


Can I enroll/purchase the lessons separately?

In order to earn credit for the courses and earn your CEUs or CPE, the courses must be taken in its entirety. The lessons in either of the three courses are not sold separately.


Where do I go to take the mid-term and final assessments?

The assessments are a part of the online course. Once you have completed all of the prerequisite lessons and/or case study/practice exercises, you will have access to the mid-term and online assessment.


How long do I have to take the mid-term and final assessment and what grade is considered passing?

You will have 90 minutes to complete the mid-term and final assessment. Once you have completed the assessments, saved and submitted your answers, you will receive immediate notification of your exam assessment grade. A passing grade of no less than 70% is required. If you do not receive a grade of 70% or higher, you are eligible to take the mid-term and final assessment one additional time at no additional cost. The questions in the timed assessment are selected from a test bank and each assessment is different.


Are there previous tests available for review?

Self-tests and end-of-chapter quizzes are included in the online course.


How long does it take to learn the results of each exam?

The assessment results are graded online, and you will receive immediate results. The University will officially notify of your course outcome within four weeks of your final assessment date via e-mail.