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Serve businesses and taxpayers with vital financial skills. Accounting, financial reporting, and tax planning services are always in high demand by businesses. Many individuals, too, need tax assistance every year. The University of Georgia offers a large portfolio of accounting, tax planning, and financial management courses for existing professionals and for those who want to expand their knowledge of specific topics.

University of Georgia classroom courses

(one-day classroom sessions in four Georgia cities)
Prepare for tax season! Get a thorough understanding of this year's most important tax issues for federal returns. A tax expert will review the major trends and changes in the case and regulatory law. 

Prepare for the CMA exam! Many management accountants and financial professionals seek this gold standard, advanced professional certification. Choose which part of the two-part exam you want a CMA expert to prep you for.

Get hands-on experience with tools and techniques focused on communication, counseling, and client psychology, and learn how to apply them to help your clients achieve a sense of financial well-being. Participants are eligible for CFP® hours.

Online, start anytime courses

(online, start anytime)
You'll study adjusting entries, error correction, bank reconciliation, payrolls, depreciation, inventory, internal controls, and fraud detection.

(online, start anytime)
In this online certificate program, you'll learn to prepare tax returns for individuals, small business corporations, partnerships, and sole proprietorships.

Online, instructor-led courses

(online, instructor-led)
Get hands-on experience as you learn about accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll procedures, sales taxes, and various common banking activities.

(online, instructor-led)
Expand on your knowledge of corporate accounting practices. In this course, you'll get a solid understanding of special journals, uncollectible accounts receivable, plant assets, depreciation, notes and interest, accrued revenue and expenses, and other accounting topics.

(online, instructor-led)
These courses help the small to midsized business owner to take control of their business finances by harnessing the power of QuickBooks.

(online, instructor-led)
This online program teaches you to plan a budget and manage accounting.