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Expand your credentials for high-demand jobs in healthcare fields. Compared to other Georgia industries, the healthcare field has one of the highest numbers of employment opportunities. By enhancing the skills that healthcare providers value most, you gain advantages over other applicants for these jobs.

Check out these courses offered by the University of Georgia:

University of Georgia Classroom Courses

This four-day classroom course covers advanced topics in interpretation, translation, cultural competence and ethics as well as provides opportunities for interpreter role play with a language coach.

This introductory course prepares medical personnel and others who know basic sign language to assist deaf or hearing-impaired patients in preliminary interactions related to emergencies, admissions and procedure preparations.

The medical field needs interpreting professionals to help Korean-speaking people with limited English proficiency. If you are fluent in both languages, this course expands your career options. 

The medical field needs interpreting professionals to help Spanish-speaking people with limited English proficiency. If you are fluent in both languages, this course expands your career options. 

Learn how to protect your healthcare practice from cyber threats. Training is focused on providing healthcare practitioners with real-world, action-oriented methods for protecting information in health practitioner environments. Lunch will be provided at the UGA's Gwinnett Campus.

University of Georgia online, certificate programs

University of Georgia online, certificate programs

(Online or Classroom Contract)
As a certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, you'll be able to use proven techniques for solving quality problems and improving processes in healthcare organizations. This course explores Lean Six Sigma methodologies via healthcare-specific, authentic learning exercises and discussion topics.

Learn the fundamental principles of absorption, distribution, metabolism and elimination of drugs by the human body, as well as clinical application, including case studies of commonly dosed drugs. *Additional Non-credit course option for Pharmacy Schools.

UGA Healthcare online courses

(Healthcare Management module)
Discover the skills a manager needs to build trust with employees and assure they are efficiently performing in the workplace. 

(Healthcare Management module)
Learn how to capitalize on the strengths of all coworkers and build their cooperation and teamwork. 

(Healthcare Management module)
This module focuses on the characteristics of effective leaders. You'll find out how to become a stronger, more effective leader of healthcare teams. 

(Healthcare Management module)
Explore the basic principles of ethics and see how they apply in the health care management environment. 

(Healthcare Management module)
Develop a basic understanding of accounting principles, terms, and methods used in financial accounting for healthcare organizations.

(Healthcare Management module)
Learn to lead a team in solving difficult and complex issues by seeing the "big picture." This module explains how various departments in the workplace interact in resolving issues.

(Healthcare Management module)
Learn to use project management techniques that maximize effectiveness of your organization's resources. 

Online, start anytime courses with exam voucher(s)

This course will prepare you for the Certified Professional Coder (CPC) exam and the Certified Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA) exam. You will gain hands-on, practical experience in medical billing and coding and work with the main coding manuals.

Gain hands-on, practical experience in medical billing and coding and work with the main coding manuals. This course will prepare you to take the Certified Billing and Coding Specialist (CBCS) and the Certified Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA) exams.

Gain hands-on experience working with the industry's main coding manuals, the ICD-10-CM and the CPT. You'll also explore key legal, ethical, and regulatory concepts.

Gain valuable skills for reviewing medical records and coding for outpatient hospitals/facilities and prepare for the AAPC Certified Outpatient Coder exam.

Master the competencies of effective patient flow, revenue cycle management, compliance regulations, human resources, health information, general business processes and medical terminology.

Extend your existing coding experience and prepare for a career in auditing or consulting with training in record standards, documentation, compliance, audit scope and statistical sampling methods. Includes practice exams and exam voucher.

Learn how to lead a health unit team to function smoothly and harmoniously in a range of medical settings. The program prepares you to sit for the National Association of Health Unit Coordinators certification exam. Includes exam voucher.

Online, start anytime courses

Online, start anytime courses

Learn about dental terminology and anatomy, medical records management, accounts receivable and reimbursement management, insurance and patient billing, patient scheduling, and procedural and diagnostic coding.

Get comprehensive, robust training in diagnostic and procedural coding for this mandated system upgrade.

Learn the correct terms and spelling for all of the body systems, major pathological conditions, disorders, treatments, medications, and more.

This module helps you qualify for entry-level positions in pharmacies and prepare for national certification.

Online, instructor-led courses

Learn all about the human body, specific disorders, and the way physical therapists treat these disorders. We'll also cover body mechanics, exercise, infection control, and much more.

Learn how to restrain animals for procedures, take their vital signs (temperature, pulse, and respiration rate), trim their nails, properly bathe them, and many other topics to prepare you for working in a veterinary hospital.

Topics covered include reading prescriptions and patient records, common classes of drugs, how to calculate dosages, regulations affecting pharmacies, and serving customers.

This course gives you a solid grounding in a variety of topics central to working in a health care environment. From setting appointments to following up on unpaid claims, you'll get valuable insights into the healthcare field.