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The University of Georgia Center for Continuing Education & Hotel offers a portfolio of online and in-person interpreting and language courses to help you bridge communication gaps through interpretation and improve language skills. Interpreting plays a crucial role in communication and promotes understanding and mutual respect across linguistic and cultural boundaries. Learn to interpret ideas accurately while promoting fairness and cooperation in various fields. These skills are highly valued by many organizations and industries across the globe and they ensure equal access to information for all.


Interpreting Skills  |   Language Skills

Browse UGA’s courses in two categories

Browse UGA’s courses in two categories

Master medical interpretation for both Spanish-speaking and Korean-speaking settings, as well as advanced topics covered in national certification exams. Or learn interpretation skills specific to working with educational and legal professionals.

Choose from a range of classroom courses to build basic or advanced conversational skills for American Sign Language (ASL). Or pick from online courses in grammar, Italian or many business applications for Spanish.