Communicating in medical settings is extremely difficult for people who are deaf or hearing impaired. Qualified medical interpreters may not be immediately available to help them. If you have a basic knowledge of American Sign Language, you can provide a valuable service helping the deaf community to interact with medical and administrative professionals in the health care system.


Format: Online

Hours: 12

Credits: 1.2 CEUs

When: Coming Fall 2021

Cost: $179

Who Should Attend?

  • American Sign Language-conversant healthcare workers, medical first responders, family members, and others who want to be able to assist medical personnel to communicate with patients, family members, friends, and others who are deaf or hearing impaired in medical settings and situations. Students should have completed at least Level 2 of the ASL program or be able to pass an assessment at that level.
  • Those who may want to eventually expand their interpreting skills and proficiency so that they can become qualified medical American Sign Language interpreters.

The class is open to students 18 years of age and up. Minors ages 15 to 17 must be accompanied by a parent or a guardian who must be present in the classroom with the student at all times. We highly recommend that parents or guardians take advantage of the learning opportunity by signing up with their students. Please note that a request and agreement form for registration of a minor is required to complete the application. Call (706) 542-3537 for more information.

Course Information

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Coming Fall 2021

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Stephanie R. Kemp is an honor graduate from the University of North Georgia with a degree as a Registered Nurse. She has worked as a clinical educator for 10 years and holds three national certifications in healthcare and clinical education. Stephanie began medical interpreting in 2010 and teaching basic and intermediate ASL community classes in 2012. She has worked as a consultant with hospitals and other healthcare organizations as they serve the deaf and hearing impaired community. Stephanie has spent over 5,000 hours in community service in the education and tutoring of deaf / hearing impaired / blind adults, children, and their families. She is also a member of the Georgia Association of the Deaf.