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Use Army CA funding to earn industry credentials

Prepare for your next career in civilian life with the Army CA program. Learn online, anywhere and anytime it’s convenient for you.


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What is Army CA?

The Army Credentialing Assistance (CA) program helps Soldiers earn in-demand, industry recognized credentials. It provides up to $4,000 in funding to pursue online career training for certifications listed on the Army COOL website.

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Who is Eligible?

You qualify for Army CA funding if:

  • You meet basic Federal TA eligibility requirements
  • You are not flagged under provisions of AR 600-8-2
  • You are not a contracted ROTC scholarship cadet or Green to Gold ROTC program cadet
  • You can complete your credential program before separating from the Army

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How it Works: Steps to Approval

  1. Verify eligibility with an Education Counselor
  2. Select your credential/licensure of choice
  3. Complete a CA Request for your training course
  4. Sign your Credentialing Assistance Statement of Understanding (SOU)
  5. Activate/reactivate your GoArmyEd account
  6. Submit completed Credential Plan

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What does Army Credentialing Assistance (CA) pay for?
Army CA pays for tuition and all necessary supplies, including books and learning materials required for an approved training course and/or exam.

Where can I find a list of eligible certifications that qualify for Army CA?
All eligible certifications are listed on the Army COOL website.

What are the qualifications to be eligible for the Army CA Program?
To be eligible for Army CA funding, Soldiers must:

  • Meet basic Federal TA eligibility requirements
  • Have enough time remaining to finish their program prior to separating from the Army
  • Not be flagged under provisions of AR 600-8-2
  • Not be a contracted ROTC scholarship cadet (receiving tuition and fees or room and board) or Green to Gold ROTC program cadet

When can you start applying for the Army Credentialing Assistance Program?
Eligible Soldiers can apply for CA funding immediately. The Army CA program launched in 2020 and is now available Army-wide.

How is Army CA different from Federal Tuition Assistance (TA)?
TA cannot be used for a lower or lateral degree from what a Soldier already possesses. CA, on the other hand, can be requested for training that leads to an additional credential, license or certification.

Can you combine Federal Tuition Assistance and Army Credentialing Assistance?
Yes, Soldiers may combine TA and CA funding. However, the combined funding cannot exceed the $4,000 annual limit.