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Online, instructor-led Reading/Writing courses

How can you alleviate literacy problems that affect student performance across subject areas? Discover the secrets of turning guided reading strategies into opportunities for teaching writing.

When you apply Differentiated Instruction tactics within a guided reading framework, which helps you lead students through new ways of approaching text, great things start to happen!

Learn what a child's growing mind must do to make sense of the written word and create writing. Find out what problems to look for and how to assist a struggling reader. Discover how to boost literacy growth during daily routines and child's play.

How can you ensure the struggling readers in your classroom get the help and education they need? With the Response to Intervention strategies taught in this course, you can tackle the toughest literacy problems with flexibility and creativity.

Learn how to motivate and assist developing writers by creating an inviting writing environment. You'll develop engaging lessons for literary response, narrative writing, expository writing, and persuasive writing.