Photoshop is the world's most popular photo-editing program. It's a fun and creative way to alter photographs and prepare them for print or the Web. If you're already familiar with Photoshop, this course will help you explore the program's more advanced features. (Offered through a partnership between the University of Georgia Center for Continuing Education and Education To Go.)


Format: Online

Hours: 24

Credits: 2.4 CEUs

Cost: $159

You'll master the techniques of non-destructive editing so you can re-edit, re-use, and change projects long after they were originally created (and long after the Photoshop "undo" command has expired). If you like scrapbooking or you want to make page layouts that you can fill with graphics, you'll appreciate the reusable templates you can create with Photoshop CC.

You'll also learn how to save every single pixel in your original image, and use Smart Objects to crop or resize an image and get it back to its original size months afterwards. (You'll even get some tips on how to warp Smart Objects that will make the tabloid newspapers jealous!) And you'll see how to make adjustments to your images, such as shadowing and embossing, that can be edited at any time without destroying the original image.

Whether you want to use Photoshop to edit photos, design scrapbook pages, or do original artwork, this class will give you the building blocks you need. You'll take a giant leap forward in creativity and productivity—and you'll also have a lot of fun.

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