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Certification courses with exam vouchers

Get access to advanced training and prepare for the specialist exam on Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, to boost your resume.

Build master-level problem-solving skills in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, further increasing your value in the contemporary professional workplace.

Master the basics of Excel, move on to advanced formulas and formatting (along with pivot tables and other higher-level features), then progress to hands-on opportunities for mastering the application.

Master the basics of this essential word-processing tool of the professional office, then proceed to immersal in the more advanced techniques you'll need to know to win certification and improve your chances of career advancement.

Learn all the elements of creating and polishing a PowerPoint presentation while preparing for Microsoft's opportunity-boosting specialist certification exam.

Learn basic database concepts, then progress to tables, queries, forms and reports. Advance to database design and optimization and qualify to take the certification exam.

Instructor-led courses

Most organizations rely heavily on Excel to consolidate, analyze, track and report all types of information, such as sales leads and budgets. By learning to exploit Excel’s power, you can become more valuable to your organization. This course is offered for Introduction, Intermediate, and Advanced for 2016 version.

PC Magazine ranked Word as one of the “strongest and most intelligent programs ever written.” Knowing how to write reports and letters using Microsoft Word is a valuable skill needed in many jobs. These courses make it fun and easy to learn Word’s powerful features for professionally creating, formatting, reviewing, and printing documents. The course offers Introduction and Intermediate for 2019/Office 365 version.

To take control over your meetings, emails, and to-do lists, learn how to get the most out of Microsoft Outlook's versatile tools. In this online course, you’ll quickly enhance your efficiency and productivity with dozens of tips that will make you the Outlook guru in your office.

You’re one course away from using Microsoft PowerPoint to create professional-quality slide presentations that grab and hold your audience's attention from start to finish. The course shows you how to embellish your slides with pictures and shapes, and how to add multimedia effects for animated presentations.