The 2021 Northeast Georgia National History Day Regional Contest will be held virtually in February 2021. There will be no student interviews for this year’s contest.

Students who wish to apply must submit the Intent to Participate Form by Friday, January 22. All student projects must be submitted via the NHD Project Registration Site by Sunday, February 7.

*Students and teachers, PLEASE NOTE: Teachers must create a teacher account on the NHD Project Registration Site before students may submit their projects through the site.



Students from 32 northeast Georgia counties in grades 6-12 are invited to compete in the 2021 Northeast Georgia National History Day Regional Contest. This year’s contest will be held virtually in February 2021. Winners will advance to the state-level virtual contest hosted by LaGrange College in April, and may then be selected to advance to the national competition hosted by the University of Maryland in College Park, MD (date and format TBA).

Communication in HistoryNational History Day actively engages students in middle and high school in the historical process. Over the course of the school year, students select a topic related to this year's theme (Communication in History: The Key to Understanding). Students engage in a program of research, using both primary and secondary sources, designed to investigate their topic and answer specific research questions. Students then showcase their research in one of the following categories: Exhibit, Paper, Website, Documentary, or Performance.

For the 2021 contest, all materials must be created and submitted in a digital/electronic format. All projects must adhere to general and category-specific rules outlined in the NHD Rule Book (UPDATED for 2020 - 2021). The NHD Georgia Virtual Contest Guide provides instructions and requirements for creating and submitting projects in each category. All entries regardless of category include a written component known as the 'process paper,' which discusses the reasoning behind the project, the research process, and the significance of the topic to the theme. Students must also prepare and submit an annotated bibliography.

Contest Entry:
To enter the Northeast Georgia NHD contest, students must submit their projects in a digital/electronic format by Sunday, February 7, 2021. The entry link will be posted at the top of this webpage by January 7, 2021. All students who plan to participate must submit the Intent to Participate Form by January 22, 2021. (Submission of form is requested for planning purposes and is not binding.)

A team of qualified judges will review projects and submit feedback for the students to help them understand what they did well and ways they might improve. Due to technological access and safety concerns, students will not be interviewed for the Regional virtual contest. Top projects will be selected to win awards and advance to the state NHD contest, which will be held virtually in April 2021. Students may then advance from the state contest to the national contest (format and location TBA).

The application fee of $10.00 per student (not per team) must be received by Wednesday, February 10, 2021. Please make check payable to “University of Georgia,” and write the applicant’s name in the memo line. Mail payments to:

Northeast Georgia National History Day
Office of Academic Special Programs
1197 S. Lumpkin St., Suite 198
Athens, GA 30602

Resources for Teachers and Students:

  1. The National History Day Rule Book provides important (and crucial!) information about selecting a topic, conducting your research, and readying your project for competition. All NHD participants should carefully review the rule book.
  2. For returning students, note that the rule book has been updated for 2020-2021. Students and teachers may find it helpful to review the Summary of Significant Rule Changes 2021.
  3. The Georgia Virtual Contest Guide provides instructions specific to creating and submitting a digital/electronic project for the 2021 Northeast Georgia NHD Regional Contest. These guidelines will also apply to the state contest.
  4. Students and teachers who are interested in participating in the Northeast Georgia National History Day contest should explore the resources available on the National History Day website.
  5. The LaGrange College National History Day website is an excellent online resource for students and teachers to learn about finding and using primary sources, developing captivating research topics, incorporating NHD projects into the classroom learning objectives, and much more..
  6. The National Archives website has a number of resources supporting National History Day.

Application Deadline:
Sunday, February 7, 2021. Students are requested to submit the Intent to Participate Form by January 22, 2021.



$10 per student – must be received by Wednesday, February 10, 2021National History Day

Who Should Attend: 

Northeast Georgia students in grades 6-12 may apply. Junior Division, grades 6-8 and Senior Division, grades 9-12, are judged separately. Teams may enter in any category except Paper.