3D Animation

With animated movies like Frozen breaking box office records and video games continuously increasing in popularity, it’s no wonder that students want to explore the exciting world of 3D animation. In this introductory course, you will get hands-on experience with Autodesk’s Maya software, which is used in several professional studios around the world. You’ll learn basic modeling and animation techniques, and gain experience creating your own art, manipulating images and graphics, and creating movement. Students who bring a mobile storage device can leave with their work; others will be provided with access to a downloadable version after course ends, so they can share their work with family and friends.

Course Learning Objectives/Goals

  • Looking at the 12 Principles of animation and character design 
  • Learning about storyboarding and scripting animation 
  • Building and animating their own character

Ages: 13-17

UGA Center for Continuing Education & Hotel
1197 South Lumpkin Street, Athens, GA 30602
United States

Some basic computer knowledge is required, but this course is designed for students with little to no experience in digital animation.


Anna CorbouldAnna Corbould grew up in England, where she studied Music and Drama at the University of Roehampton and the University of Manchester. After working for Apple for ten years teaching customers how to use software to edit music, videos and photos, she moved to Athens to study at UGA. She graduated her M.F.A. in Dramatic Media production in May 2019 after completing the Rosetta Theatre Project, an interdisciplinary, multi-media installation incorporating motion capture and 3D animation in performances of Romeo and Juliet and Tartuffe. This is her third year teaching for the Spark Weekend Academy.

Jingyi ZhangJingyi Zhang is a Ph.D. student in Theatre and Performance Studies at the University of Georgia, where she completed her M.F.A. in Dramatic Media. Her focuses are on computer animation and animation performance. She will continue her graduate studies this year with UGA, pursuing a Ph.D. in performance studies. She received her M.A. degree at UGA three years ago in Mass Media Studies, with a cultural studies thesis project on Japanese anime. She has been teaching the Introduction to Cinema for two semesters. Her most recent works including the character models and animation in the Rosetta project, a 3D animation project that recreates scenes in Romeo and Juliet and Tartuffe.