This camp has been rescheduled for a later date.

Do you love to write or draw? Have you ever wondered how visual stories are produced? In this spring's new Storyboarding course, we will explore how to articulate a simple sequence (imagine the unfoldment of a flower, the rising and setting of the sun, or the first flight of a baby bird) artistically in the production of a short booklet. To create your book, you will use different mediums, such as paint (in watercolor) and graphite. Develop a renewed sense of confidence in your unique ability to render beautiful stories in ways with which others can relate and by which they can be inspired.



Megan Driscoll has a background that spans several creative fields, including television production, painting, writing, architecture, and design instruction. Her professional experiences have included producing for CNN and The Washington Post, video freelancing for National Geographic, managing conservation programs with the National Aquarium, and community planning for Habitat for Humanity. Megan has also founded a media company, written a children’s book, and has instructed at UGA in Graphic Systems and Graphic survey studio art courses. Her passion is helping people experience the joy of interacting closely with the natural environment, fulfilling their purposes as stewards and neighbors by creatively working together to build beautiful communities based on respect and kindness. This is Megan’s sixth year as a Spark instructor.