Fibonacci, Fractals & 4-D

This on-line camp is a place for students who love math to get together and discuss mind blowing mathematical ideas. We will spend our time discussing the nature of numbers, computing patterns, creating graphical representations, building geometric models, and following the historical significance of mathematics. Some of the topics we will cover include number sequences, area and volume, exponents and roots, linear equations, graphing, dimensions, fractals, and famous mathematicians. The camp’s content will build a foundation for calculus through exploratory activities at a middle school grade level. Students will leave camp with a deeper understanding of the progression of mathematical ideas and an appreciation for its beauty and power.

Ages: 11-13

Course Date Info:

Online camp will run from 9:00am to 3:00pm each day


Camp - $390

Students should be performing at or above grade level in math. The activities are designed to introduce some higher math concepts to students in the identified age range, and are not suitable for remedial math students.


Vonae Tanner has taught children of all ages for over 15 years, helping them to visualize and explore math in creative ways. With a degree in Math Education and extensive experience in teaching math and developing math curriculum, she has based her teaching methods on discovery learning, including project-based and service learning. She has loved teaching math in public and private schools, and has also worked in the online math education field as a teacher trainer, curriculum designer, and curriculum aligner for companies such as iLearn, Academic Benchmarks, Plato Learning, and NetSchools. In an effort to create a fun and accessible introduction to math, she founded, a summer camp and after-school program that helps students build a physical comprehension of math through play, movement, exploration, and investigation. This is Vonae's sixth year as a Summer Academy instructor.

Jadzia Hutchings graduated from UGA with a Bachelor’s in Math Education. Originally from Macon, Jadzia is now working as a math teacher at Cedar Shoals High School here in Athens. She loves to sing, bike ride, and get people excited about learning. Jadzia is passionate about the intersection of mathematics and art. This is Jadzia’s fifth year as a Summer Academy Instructor.

What you need for camp/program: 

Our staff takes great care to provide everything your child needs for their camp’s specific needs. Please look for the camp outline for required program supplies in your parent information e-mail sent four weeks before your camp.