Mini Medical School 2: Beyond the Basics

This week-long program is designed for the more life science experienced student, who wants to build on the lessons learned in our introductory Mini Medical School camp. In this program, you will begin learning how to correlate scientific aspects of various systems of the human body (nervous, cardiovascular, digestive, and others) with some clinical manifestations of related diseases that can occur with them. You'll study the various systems through a combination of short lectures, hands-on activities, and discussions on selected disease processes. There will also be lectures to provide you with an excellent understanding of the various team players (physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, medical assistants, and others) who are all working to improve public health. Please see the prerequisite section below to determine if this camp is appropriate for you.

Ages: 12-16

Course Date Info:

Online camp will run from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.


Camp – $450

This course is designed for students who have previously completed one of our Mini Medical School 1 sessions. Some exceptions may be made for students who have previous experience in the subject matter. To request a waiver to take Mini Medical School 2 without having taken Mini Medical School 1, please email us at before registering. Be sure to include your student’s name, age/grade, and a description of why you believe he or she is qualified to skip into the second level (including previous healthcare-related seminars, workshops, and programs; life-science related academic courses; and previous experience with medical research).


Adonias Lemma is a first year medical student and a member of the Class of 2023 attending Morehouse School of Medicine. Growing up in a single parent, low income household with an immigrant background, he vividly remembers visiting free clinics and hospitals such as Grady Memorial with his family to receive healthcare and recalls the long wait times due to the facilities being under-staffed with physicians. It was this, along with several other events in his life, that served as a compass in his pursuit of science that directed him towards pursuing a medical degree. Before attending medical school, he completed his undergraduate education at Emory University and obtained a B.S. in Chemistry. As a first year student medical student he devotes time once or twice a month to engaging with refugee clinics such as Grace Village Medical Clinic in Clarkston, the Lion House Eye Clinic, and the Morehouse School of Medicine H.E.AL. Clinic. Adonias is committed to pursuing a career in Emergency Medicine and working within an urban hospital setting such as Grady Memorial. This is Adonias’s first year as a Summer Academy Instructor.

Tatyanah Tolley is a fourth year undergraduate student at the University of Georgia where she is pursuing a Bachelor’s in Biology. Tatyanah currently works in Dr. Marin Brewer’s lab in the Plant Pathology building on campus performing research on pathogenic fungi. She loves working with children, and during the semester she volunteers weekly at the East Athens Community Center mentoring elementary students. She has also worked as a camp counselor in the local Athens area and has volunteered in local clinics and hospitals. This is Tatyanah’s second year as a Summer Academy Instructor.

What you need for camp/program: 

Our staff takes great care to provide everything your child needs for their camp’s specific needs. Please look for the camp outline for required program supplies in your parent information e-mail sent four weeks before your camp.