U.S. National Security: Mock Council

Understanding international situations and relationships are complicated. This is an opportunity to gain a basic understanding of what elements drive international cooperation, competition and conflict in the world today. We will review what states care about, what they see as future threats and opportunities, and the tools they use to resolve those challenges. The class will use real world examples to illustrate key points, help develop critical thinking skills, and will have a capstone event on the final day of class to help students integrate their understanding of the complexity of international relations.

Ages: 14-17

UGA Center for Continuing Education & Hotel
1197 South Lumpkin Street, Athens, GA 30602
United States

Students should have a strong interest in government and current events, and a willingness to participate in debate and role-playing simulations. No prior knowledge of international policy is required for this camp.

Students should also have access to a laptop or desktop computer with the ability to open multiple browser windows. Windows 10 operating system recommended with the ability to run Microsoft® Edge or Google® Chrome™.