U.S. National Security: Mock Council

"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." With this quip, Benjamin Franklin stoked a debate over American politics that continues to this day: when trying to protect the country, how should we balance concerns over security and liberty? In this camp, you will step into the shoes of policymakers as you attempt to answer this question and learn about the fascinating realm of American national security. Throughout the week, you will learn about the people who influence security policy, and you will take a swing at crafting security policy yourself through simulations, role-playing, and debate. The course will culminate with a major simulation in which you will work together to solve a security crisis. Whether you hope to win dinnertime debates, to understand recent news reports about the NSA, or to become president, this camp will help you to make sense of American national security.

Ages: 13-17

Course Date Info:

Online camp will run from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. each day.


Camp - $390

Students should have a strong interest in government and current events, and a willingness to participate in debate and role-playing simulations. No prior knowledge of national security policy is required for this camp.


Karina Delgado is a senior at the University of Georgia majoring in Political Science and International Affairs with a Spanish minor. She has always been interested in politics since she was in high school, but after beginning her major at UGA, she became more interested in international politics involving security. Although she is primarily interested in the international arena of politics, she has also worked at the local level with non-profits and local governments. Karina plans on attending law school in the fall of 2020. This is Karina’s second year as a Summer Academy instructor.

Alex Donnelly is a junior at the University of Georgia. She is majoring in International Affairs and Psychology with a minor in Criminal Justice. Alex plans to eventually attend law school and practice criminal law. She previously attended an international boarding school in Orlando, Florida, sparking her interest in international cooperation and global security. Further exploring these topics in her International Affairs major also instilled in her a passion to pursue a career based on helping others, whether that be domestically or abroad. This is Alex’s first year as a Summer Academy instructor.

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