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Summer Academy at the University of Georgia is an exciting series of STEAM and career-prep summer camps in Athens for middle and high schoolers who crave amazing things. Whether you’ve always dreamt of becoming a doctor, scientist, or artist, we have the perfect summer camp to make your dream a reality. Our mission is to provide you with an unforgettable summer where you can learn new skills and apply them to your future career goals.

See the complete list of 2023 Summer Academy camps below and, if you’re ready to explore the fun and engaging camps we have for you, have your parents or guardians download the English Handbook or Spanish Handbook. It contains all the information they need to know to sign you up for this exciting opportunity: from the different camps we offer to what to bring to camp, our health and safety policies, and important information about financial aid. They’ll find answers to all their questions inside!

To see a camp’s full description, simply click on its name. Keep in mind that camps labeled “Session A, B, C, etc.” are multiple sessions of the same camp, while those labeled with “1, 2” (for example, Mini Med 1 & Mini Med 2) are introductory and advanced camps in the same subject area.

JUNE 5-9  |  JUNE 12-16  |  JUNE 19-23

JUNE 26-30  |  JULY 10-14  |  JULY 17-21

June 5 - 9, 2023 Camps

Summer Camp NameAgesInterest
B.L.A.C.K. Engineering15-17Engineering
Drone Legends: Session A11-14Engineering
Genomic Sleuthing: Session A12-15Science
Jewelry Making and Metal Working14-17Design
Mini Medical School 1: Session A11-13Pre-professional
Ocean Discovery 1: Session A11-14Science


University Prep Program: Session A16-17Pre-professional
Voice: For Actors, Singers, and Beyond13-17Performance

June 12 - 16, 2023 Camps

Summer Camp NameAgesInterest
2D Animation: Session A - Wait List13-17Storytelling
Advertising & Public Relations


Media & Communication
American Sign Language: Session A


Broadcast Journalism - Wait List13-17Media & Communication
Creative Writing: Plot and Structure - Wait List13-17


Legal - Full13-17


Mini Medical School 1: Session B11-13Pre-professional
Modeling and Personal Development



Ocean Discovery 1: Session B11-14Science
Women ExCEL In Engineering15-17Engineering

June 19 - 23, 2023 Camps

Summer Camp NameAgesInterest
3D Animation: Session A13-17Storytelling
Entertainment & Media Studies13-17Media & Communication
Introduction to Digital Film: Session A11-15


Introductory Engineering: Session A11-14Engineering
Mini Medical School 2: Beyond the Basics Session A - Wait List14-16


Ocean Discovery 2: Session A11-14Science
Photojournalism13-17Media & Communication
Multimedia Journalism13-17Media & Communication

June 26 - 30, 2023 Camps

Summer Camp NameAgesInterest
2D Animation: Session B13-17Storytelling
Advanced Engineering: Session A - Wait List15-17Engineering
American Sign Language 2


Environmental Science11-14Science
Fashion Design: Session A13-17Design
Genomic Sleuthing: Session B12-15Science
Graphic Logo Design13-17Design
Mini Medical Junior: Session A8-10Pre-professional
Money Dawgs®11-14Pre-professional
Ocean Discovery 1: Session C11-14Science
Robotics: Session A - Wait List11-14Engineering
University Prep Program: Session B16-17Pre-professional

July 10 - 14, 2023 Camps

Summer Camp NameAgesInterest
3D Animation: Session B13-17Storytelling
Architecture & Design13-17Design
Creative Writing: Worldbuilding13-17


Financial Planning Academy13-17Pre-professional
Genomic Sleuthing: Session C12-15Science
Introduction to Digital Film: Session B11-15


Introductory Engineering: Session B11-14Engineering
Mini Medical School 2: Beyond the Basics Session B - Wait List14-16


Ocean Discovery 1: Session D11-14Science

July 17 - 21, 2023 Camps

Summer Camp NameAgesInterest
Advanced Digital Film School14-17


Advanced Engineering: Session B15-17Engineering
Architecture: Urban Design13-17Design
Creative Writing: Creative Writing Workshop14-17


Drone Legends: Session B11-14Engineering
Fashion Design: Session B13-17Design
Mini Medical Junior: Session B8-10Pre-professional
Ocean Discovery 2: Session B11-14Science
Robotics: Session B11-14


UGA Mock Trial Academy13-17


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