UGA’s Summer Bridge Math Program offers an enjoyable, engaging way to keep your student’s math skills fresh over the summer. Each class focuses on the key math topics covered during a school year. Our dedicated, friendly instructors provide a fun, caring classroom experience to ensure that your student gets the most out of each class session.

Each Summer Bridge Math class includes the following:

  • 12 sessions of expert instruction
  • A classroom led by an experienced, caring teacher
  • A sound curriculum that targets the key math skills of a particular grade
  • Access to content recordings for review outside of class time
  • Additional practice exercises

Fifth Grade Summer Bridge Program class content:

  • Addition and subtraction through five digits, including decimals
  • Multiplication and division to five digits, including decimals
  • Word problems
  • Foundations of algebra, including parentheses, brackets, and order of operations
  • Measurement, including English and metric units of length, area, volume, and weight
  • Unit conversions
  • Time, including elapsed time problems
  • Graphing points, horizontal, and vertical lines on a coordinate grid
  • Angle measurement, area, and volume, including circle facts
  • Fractions, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of mixed numbers

Course Date Info:

Summer 2022