Fine tune the skills, knowledge and performance you need to successfully prepare for entrance exams.

If you're a high-school student who is planning to apply for admission to college, the University of Georgia Test Prep Classes provide a solid investment for your future.

ACT/SAT Online Workshops

Free Workshops about preparing for ACT or SAT.

SAT Courses

This intensive 16-hour course gives you the skills and insights from expert instructors to substantially improve your score on the new SAT.

Our SAT Ultimate & Summer Institutes are intensive programs that provide the tools needed to prepare for and succeed on the SAT.

ACT Online Courses

This intensive test prep program provides you with the tools you need to confidently take the ACT and substantially improve your score.

The ACT Live-Online Summer Institute is an intensive test prep program that provides students with the tools they need to prepare for and succeed on the ACT. Each course includes 16 hours of online instruction.