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To advance your career, advance your ability to write

The workplace is filled with people who meet a job’s technical requirements, but who can’t express themselves clearly in writing. That’s why effective writing skills are highly valued by employers in every field. You don’t have to be born with good writing skills.

You can learn them and practice them in this course!


Format: Classroom

Hours: 24 hours / 2.4 CEUs

Where: UGA’s Gwinnett campus

When: Coming Fall 2018

Cost: $799

Business Writing Certificate is a 24-hour classroom course designed to help professionals excel in written communications with customers and co-workers. In this highly interactive course, you and your classmates will learn the core principles of clear writing. You will then be able to apply these principles to create effective documents such as memos, business letters, emails, policy statements, reports, and instructions.

To your reading audience, you are what you write. Thus, the course also shows you how to exploit the powerful connection between critical thinking and clear writing. As a result, your writing will be more convincing and compelling.

Course Topics:

  • How to streamline the writing process from start to finish
  • A five-step approach to clear, concise writing
  • Techniques that help your audience understand your key points at the first reading
  • How to avoid mistakes and pitfalls that undermine credibility and clarity
  • How to be an effective editor of documents you or others write
  • Ways to measure the readability of your documents

Who Should Attend?

This course can benefit anyone who communicates in writing - especially those currently working in a professional work environment.

Course Information

Course Date Info: 

Coming Fall 2018

Course Format: 
University of Georgia Gwinnett Campus
2530 Sever Rd NW, Lawrenceville, GA 30043
United States
Course Fee(s): 

$799 (includes course materials)

For information on our Organizational Group Discount, please call (706) 542-3537.

Continuing Education Information: 

Students will be awarded a Certificate of Program Completion for 2.4 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) upon successfully completing the course.

Attendance Policy and Other Important Requirements:
To receive the Certificate of Completion and Continuing Education Units (CEUs) the following is required:

  • Attendance at all four sessions
  • Timely and successful completion of written and oral assignments