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Become a Certified Sherpa Coach

Gain the prestige and credibility of being university-certified in the Sherpa Executive Coaching Process. The Sherpa Executive Coaching Certification Program earns the Certified Sherpa Coach designation, providing the skills and credentials needed to become a top-level executive coach. Whether you’re looking to expand your knowledge, implement new processes within your organization, or start a new career, this three-month program will transform you into a more effective leader and facilitator.


Format: Classroom

Hours: 60 hours / 6.0 CEUs

Where: Athens, GA

When: Fall 2019

Cost: Course fee details

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Learn from the Best in the Industry

The program is based on the book The Sherpa Guide: Process-Driven Executive Coaching by Brenda Corbett and Judith Colemon Kinebrew. One of the authors may be your instructor. After two weeks in the classroom, you will apply your new skills in a coaching project that will include regular conferences with your instructor. A designation of Certified Sherpa Coach is granted upon successful completion of the 60-hour classroom-phase program and the final practicum client assignment.

Distinguishing characteristics of Sherpa Coaching Certification:
Credible: Offered by colleges and universities with author oversight. The only process endorsed by multiple universities, eight in all.
Clear: Detailed, based on a clearly defined and widely available methodology.
Consistent: Uses a single, universal, flexible resource set for all executive coaching.
Precise: Business focused, with no overlap with counseling and therapy.
Principled: Managed by coaching professionals with the industry's best interest at heart. 

What You Will Learn

The fundamentals of coaching are covered in depth, including

  • Definitions: What executive coaching is, and needs to become.
  • Communications styles for coach and client
  • What does it take to be a good coach?
  • Who needs a coach?
  • Why does coaching need a process?
  • The Sherpa Stance: keeping coaching professional.
  • What questions do I ask while I am coaching? Framing the question
  • How can I tell if my client is ‘getting it’?
  • How can I tell when my client is finished?

The Sherpa process involves six phases, with comprehensive exercises, assessments and activities associated with each phase. The student will learn how to work as a professional coach using this process, and understand why the process enables successful business coaching. Based on the 340-page textbook, the instructors will provide insights into the application of the Sherpa coaching process.

The course will be peppered with examples from the experience of the author / instructors, adding depth to the content of the book. Demonstration assignments will ensure that students acquire the assured ability to coach in any business environment, with clients at any management level. The student binder is 250+ pages designed to support this learning experience.

More about executive coaching and Sherpa:

  • Executive coaching is a process of facilitation, detailed and clearly documented, that creates positive change in business behavior.
  • An executive coach is an expert facilitator who works one-on-one, meeting frequently with an executive or senior manager to create positive changes in business behavior within a fixed time frame.
  • The Sherpa process for coaching is a detailed, open-source set of practices and standards that directs the activities of an executive coach. This process creates the only comprehensive rational / technical foundation for the coaching profession.
  • The Sherpa Coaching certification is designed to bring process, clarity and competence to executive coaching. The Sherpa Executive Coaching Certification Program is provided through the partnership of the University of Georgia and Sherpa Coaching, LLC.

Learn more about Executive Coaching with these informational videos!

Who Should Attend?

  • Human resource managers, training and development professionals, corporate trainers, veteran business or career coaches, professionals responsible for developmental coaching, etc.
  • Independent business or career coaches looking to start a coaching or consulting business or enhance their current coaching or consulting business
  • Individuals seeking employment as a professional executive coach
  • Individuals seeking an executive coaching certification
  • Coaches (not currently certified) needing a crisp, precise process that ensures repeatable success
  • Training professionals desiring to create or enhance an internal coaching program
  • US military veterans seeking executive coaching certification designation. See details below about military funding.

Course Information

Course Number: 


Course Date Info: 

Fall 2019:

  • Week #1 October 14-18, 2019
  • Week #2 November 18-21, 2019 (Participation in both weeks is required.)

Enroll early! Registration is limited and will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Prepayment is required to be registered. To guarantee your enrollment, including onsite lodging, the deadline is September 6, 2019, for the Fall 2019 session. We will continue to accept enrollments after that date if space is still available.

The two-week, time-phased format allows for immediate practice of skills learned. During the period between sessions, you will return home and apply your new skills in your work with a practicum coaching client. You will also talk with your instructors weekly as the practicum coaching experience unfolds. There is also an (8-week) post-course assignment included in this program.

Course Format: 
Georgia Center for Continuing Education Conference & Hotel
1197 South Lumpkin Street, Athens, GA 30602
United States
Location Info: 

Room number to be determined 

Course Fee(s): 

For more details on course fee and cancellation policy, download the Program Fees and Lodging pdf.

Continuing Education Information: 

Upon successful completion of the required assignments, you will earn the designation of Certified Executive Coach from Sherpa Coaching LLC as well as University of Georgia Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Your efforts, aligned with our reputation, help you build your brand and realize your full potential as a coach.

Visit the University of Georgia CEU policies for more details.

Program details are subject to change.

Certification or Licensure Information:
Certified Executive Coach designation from Sherpa Coaching, LLC.

The Sherpa Executive Coaching Certification helps you to qualify for International Coach Federation membership and apply for ICF certification and credentialing through the ACC Portfolio Path. This program gives you the opportunity to earn up to 60 classroom Continuing Coach Education hours (CCE) that you can use as part of your ACC Portfolio Path application if you would like to become credentialed and certified as an ICF Associate Certified Coach or renew an ICF Certification.

Military Funding Information:
The Sherpa Executive Coaching Certification Program has been approved by the Department of Veterans Services to receive GI Bill funding. Spouses of active duty military members that are eligible for Air Force TA and Army TA may contact their education service officer to apply for course approval. For more information regarding military funding for this course, visit our Financial and Military Assistance page or contact our office at (706) 542-3537.