Experiential Learning

Introducing UGA’s Learn-by-Doing courses

There’s no time for lectures — you’ve got a job to do!

When you’re applying for a job, employers are more interested in what skills you have mastered than what courses you took. 

That’s the real world – and the University of Georgia prepares you for it with Learn-By-Doing courses. Unlike traditional coursework, Learn-by-Doing courses put you in the center of a story.  You’ll be working in a simulated job, dealing with situations you would likely encounter in a real project. 

We promise you a challenging, rewarding experience unlike any you will find in traditional courses.  What are the differences? 

  • Instead of listening to lectures, you’ll be interacting with your team – and with mentors who are expert practitioners.
  • Instead of memorizing dry facts, you’ll be dealing with real-life situations and producing authentic deliverables.
  • Instead of a grade on a transcript, you’ll exit the course with mastery of job-relevant skills.

Accounting, Tax and Finance

Assess a company's stability and profitability, and then use your analysis to identify financial and business problems. 

Based on your analysis of a firm's past and current situation, prepare a business plan, financial forecasts, and alternative strategies for solving problems you identified. 

Computer Skills and Applications

Create the business plan for launching an eCommerce venture. 

Build an eCommerce site, with integrated shopping cart and e-payment functions, that is compatible with mobile devices. 

Using the Responsive Design approach to web development, upgrade a website so that mobile device users will find it easy to use and navigate. Also, add geo-location features for mobile device users. 

Plan and build a mobile game app, using agile development practices and the Android Development Kit. 

Define a need that mobile device users have, and then develop an Android application that addresses this need using multiple sensors. 


Your Mentors

Your mentors are a team of seasoned professionals with heavy experience in the subject. Faculty mentors will help you throughout the course. Rather than lecturing, they facilitate group discussions, stimulating your team to think through the situation and collaborate in discovering answers to complex problems. 

In weekly team conferences, your mentors will give you incisive feedback on every aspect of your work so that you can learn from mistakes, make improvements, and master the subject matter. You can also schedule individual discussions with a mentor. At the end of each task, mentors will facilitate larger group discussions of obstacles encountered, solutions evaluated, and lessons learned. 


Experiential Learning and You

Experiential learning is just academia's term for learning from direct experiences. The University of Georgia's approach to experiential learning is to engage you, intellectually and creatively, in a real-world scenario. We do this by putting you at the center of a story. In each Learn-by-Doing course, you will have assignments in which you will be working collaboratively with a team and one or more mentors. You will be encouraged to think critically, formulate strategies, make decisions, and produce deliverables. You will be measured on the quality of your performance in these life-like assignments.