Photographing Flora and Fauna

What is so difficult about taking a picture of a flower or a bug? Or a bird in flight? Or a dog leaping into a pool of water? Everything! Discover how to use your photography equipment more effectively to capture the best images.


  • Format: Classroom

    Hours: 20 hours / 2.0 CEUs

    Where: UGA's Athens Campus

    When: Spring 2016

    Cost: TBD


Explore composition strategies, exposure and lighting techniques, shutter speed, macro and telephoto photography, and more. Two field trips are included in the schedule to give you the opportunity to apply what you have learned in class and receive feedback on your work, plus visits outdoors during regularly scheduled classes for practical exercises. You should bring your SLR digital camera with you to each class and the owner's manual. Instructor will inform you of other equipment you will need.

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Spring 2016

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Georgia Center for Continuing Education
1197 South Lumpkin Street, Athens, GA 30602
United States
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2.0 CEUs

Floyd Downer has taken photographs since 1976 when he was given the mission in the United States Army to photography activities surrounding the bicentennial visit of The Queen of England. He has taken photographs all over the world and is the owner of Floyd Downer Photography located in Athens, Georgia.

Floyd is a graduate of Central Texas College in Killeen, Texas and he is a recent graduate of The University of Georgia Continuing Education Photography Certification Program.

Floyd has contributed work to the University of Georgia's Athletic Department, Office of External Affairs, Office of Finance and Administration and Office of the President. He has several photographs on book covers.

View Floyd's work at

Fundamentals of Photography and Photoshop or equivalent experience