Fine tune the skills, knowledge and performance you need to successfully prepare for entrance exams.

If you're a high-school student who is planning to apply for admission to college, the University of Georgia Test Prep Classes provide a solid investment for your future. Classes to prepare for the SAT are held at UGA's campus in Athens and UGA's Gwinnett campus.

SAT Classroom Courses

(Classroom; Athens and Gwinnett)
Take four days out of your summer to get an edge on the SAT. Study in our classroom for 20 hours over four days, then refresh your knowledge with online review sessions during the four weeks before the test.

(Classroom; Athens and Gwinnett)
This course covers the strategies, skills and tricks you need for success on this important standardized test. Using real SAT test questions, you'll see how math, writing and critical reading are going to be tested.