Language Courses

Enhance your ability to communicate with speakers of other languages.

Every day, people in the business world need to communicate with people who may not be fluent in English.

The University of Georgia can help you to bridge the communication gap. UGA’s courses can prepare you to: 

  • Teach English to staff or students
  • Develop expertise as medical or legal interpreters
  • Learn to engage and communicate with people who speak Spanish in a variety of job-specific situations 

Classroom certificate programs

Get a solid theoretical foundation for teaching English, as well as hands-on classroom experience and job-searching skills. The program's modules listed below can be taken in any order. 

(Global TESOL Certificate Module)
Learn about professionalism, career development, trends in the field, lesson and curriculum development, and much more. 

(Global TESOL Certificate Module)
Explore the nature of culture and the role of cultural factors in the teaching and learning of English as a second, additional or foreign language. 

(Global TESOL Certificate Module)
Explore language differences, commonalities and dialect variations. Other topics include language structure, the history of languages, and the process of language development. 

(Global TESOL Certificate Module)
You class will practice developing programs, courses, and lessons. You'll also perform teaching activities and examine some approaches to learning. 

You can to successfully teach business English to English language learners.  Learn skills and techniques to help people advance in their careers through a better understanding of communicating in the business world.

Teach second-language speakers of English how to modify their accents so they can be more effective and comfortable in social and professional settings. You'll learn techniques for teaching pronunciation and helping students develop a more natural speech pattern. 

The medical field needs interpreting professionals to help Korean-speaking people with limited English proficiency. If you are fluent in both languages, this course expands your career options. 

This program prepares you for the State Court Interpretation Certification Test so you can assist Spanish-speaking persons who come before the Courts. 

The medical field needs interpreting professionals to help Spanish-speaking people with limited English proficiency. If you are fluent in both languages, this course expands your career options. 

Learning ASL can open doors to new employment opportunities, or help you communicate effectively with family and friends who are deaf or hearing-impaired. 

Even if you are fairly fluent in English, this course for non-native English speakers will build your confidence in communicating effectively in business situations. Consider this course an inexpensive investment in advancing your business career!

UGA online course

Knowledge of Swahili serves as a good introduction to general African culture and prepares researchers for field work in linguistics, anthropology, archeology and geology. 

Online, start anytime courses

Learn key Spanish phrases plus "Alert Words" to help you handle job-specific situations, such as gathering location information, comprehending the nature of the emergency, and much more.

Bridge the communication gap to get a competitive edge. Learn how to explain loan terms in Spanish and set up a new account. Plus, you'll start building a Spanish vocabulary of banking terminology.

Enrich your travel experiences with easy-to-learn vocabulary and phrases. This course will help you engage in conversations wilth local people when you travel abroad for business or pleasure.

This course helps corrections officers assure their safety and the safety of all involved. Learn Spanish phrases, commands and Spanish "Alert Words" to communicate with a Spanish-speaking prison population.

With job-specific Spanish phrases, your employees will be equipped to provide the Spanish-speaking community with exceptional customer service.

With a basic knowledge of key Spanish phrases and "Alert Words," first responders are prepared to better assess emergency situations, direct people to safety, and communicate with victims.

By understanding key Spanish phrases, healthcare professionals can collect medical and insurance information, set up appointments, comprehend symptoms described by Spanish-speaking patients, and help deliver quality care.

This course helps law enforcement officers assure the public safety for the Spanish-speaking public. They will learn key Spanish phrases, commands and "Alert Words" signaling danger.

This course helps park rangers, wildlife officers, and parks staff to communicate rules, directions, services and safety instructions with Spanish-speaking visitors.

With basic Spanish phrases and terms, plus the ability to communicate numbers, realtors are much better equipped to serve Spanish-speaking clients.

Online, instructor-led courses for self-improvement

This course establishes a foundation for continuous learning. Topics include a review of all tenses, the use of modals, the adjective clause, the noun clause, the adverb clause, phrases, count and non-count nouns and some English terms.

This course helps you build on your grammatical strengths. Explore the basics of English grammar, such as sentence structure and punctuation. Then you'll progress to more sophisticated concepts, like logic and clarity.

Learning Italian is fun and surprisingly easy. You will hear and practice Italian online as you apply the language in a wide variety of educational and travel settings.

With six tips for "gluing" Spanish words together to form sentences, you'll quickly be able to converse in basic Spanish in a variety of situations.

Become more conversational and more comfortable in Spanish-speaking situations. See new words, hear them pronounced properly, practice your pronunciation, and use them in conversations.

Guided practice will include lots of new vocabulary, pronunciation, and speed drills, as well as in-depth study of Spanish parts of speech.