Market Research Courses

These courses fulfill the core market research educational needs of individuals and companies worldwide. 

More than ever, marketers rely on market research to understand—and measure—the key drivers of customer behavior. Marketing research tells management what they need to know about their markets and how to identify and appeal to likely buyers.

The University of Georgia offers three highly acclaimed certificate programs that cover the marketing research process from beginning to end. Both programs are endorsed by major industry associations and corporations in the research industry and thousands of practitioners worldwide.

The programs help you master the Market Research Core Body of Knowledge (MRCBOK ©) that forms the basis of consumer, opinion, and survey research. You will expand your knowledge with in an engaging interactive online curriculum written by leading academic and applied market research practitioners from around the world.

As a graduate of these market research programs, you can advance in your company and the market research profession. With a solid grasp of market research fundamentals and how to apply them, you can gain recognition with industry associations, employers, peer groups and other research professionals. 

Online, start anytime certificate programs

More than 7,000 researchers from 98 countries have enrolled in this program, which teaches the core skills needed for market research, consumer research, opinion research and survey research. 

If you're conducting market research, you need to reach prospective participants where they "live" — on their mobile devices. Learn how the pros are using mobile market research successfully. 

This course's curriculum covers the world of market research as it applies to pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries worldwide. Real-world examples explain the differences between pharmaceutical research and research in other industry sectors.