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In this course, bilingual individuals who work in schools or educational settings will learn the principles of interpreting and translation in an education environment. The program enables the participant to serve as a linguistic counselor who maintains the flow of communication without manipulating the message's content. 

In this course, you'll gain new insights and ideas for teaching vocabulary, grammar, listening, speaking, reading, and writing. You'll also discover what some of your options are in designing fair and accurate tests.

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Learn basic vocabulary and phrases to use during parent-teacher conferences, enrollment, classroom situations, taking attendance, discipline issues, and more. With your basic Spanish phrases, you can remove cultural barriers and build trusting relationships.

Even if you have never taken a Spanish class, in this course you'll learn the essential Spanish for teachers and bridge the communication gap with your Spanish-speaking students and parents.

Get improved results by teaching grammar in a way that makes it personally meaningful to your students. Learn how to figure out what learning process students are using, pinpoint the unique challenges they face, and help them meet those challenges.

Explore the core skills of intensive reading and how to integrate it into your curriculum. You’ll gain invaluable insights on planning effective lessons, designing a strong reading curriculum, teaching vocabulary, selecting appropriate reading materials, and much more.

Explore the most powerful way of teaching vocabulary as you teach ESL. Discover what the different types of vocabulary are, and how to accurately assess what your students already know and what they need to learn.

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