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Program yourself for success with any of UGA’s career-enhancing technology courses. Increasingly, employers look for high levels of computer literacy in their hiring and promotion decisions. When you beef up your technology skills, you enhance your career opportunities in virtually every field.

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Learn how to protect your own systems and networks from hackers and safeguard your data, or master the knowledge you'll need to earn an important security certificate and advance professionally.

We offer courses in analytics, basic and advanced website coding, making your sites user-friendly and online marketing. We also offer opportunities to specialize in particular languages, styles of programming and popular web platforms.

Pick up the basic skills needed for working with databases, or bring your existing capabilities up to a higher level for a career boost. Learn how to apply Access, SQL, Oracle and Crystal Reports.

Get started, or extend your skills, with Photoshop, InDesign or Illustrator. Or find your way into the dynamic game development industry.

If you’re looking to prep for certification exams, you’ve come to the right place. Master virtualization, printers, Windows flavors, protocol suites, networking software and hardware, troubleshooting and more.

Set yourself up for lucrative job opportunities by learning content or email marketing, search engine optimization, how to leverage social media and web analytics insights, and related skills in online and mobile marketing and advertising.

We offer multiple versions of Excel, Word, Outlook and PowerPoint so are certain to have the one you need for your office. There’s also a survey course on your employer’s version of the Microsoft Office suite of productivity applications.

Take a quick refresher course to polish up your workplace efficiency. Pick up Windows 7, Windows 8 or PC troubleshooting and optimization.

Learn the basics of C#, C++ or Visual Basic, or take your knowledge to the next level, so you can write your own applications with professional sophistication.